About Us-O Briain Pianos, Lucan

About Us

Sole Trader Business, Lucan, Dublin, Ireland
O'Briain Pianos, Lucan, Dublin, now in its twelfth year of business, is owned by piano restorer and tuner Cathal O'Briain. Dedication, perseverance, craftsmanship, and environment are at the heart of the piano business, drawing upon the skills of the old timers in the art of French polishing, respraying, internal rebuilding, and custom piano design. Valued clients inspire the business with ideas on how they would like their instrument to look and sound after tuning, reconditioning, and restoration, in terms of its colour, finish, touch, tone, and response.

O'Briain Pianos recommend different types of finishes to their customers, ranging from hand French polishing, to full body spray using Satin, Silk, Matt, or high gloss coatings. The process of restoration takes up to three months and when complete the piano is transported back to its location and tuned on site. In the years that follow, Cathal O'Briain tunes and services the piano if living in the Leinster region of Ireland.

Recycling & Sustainability
O'Briain Pianos is an environmentally friendly business. When we restore a piano, it's played and admired for sometimes centuries, with much greater longevity than a classic car for example and doesn't take a toll on the environment. We have restored some 1850's pianos which will no doubt be around for many years to come, never going back into the environment as waste. Even when a piano can no longer be played due to age and wear, it can either be left where it stands as part of the household furniture, or broken down for parts to be re-used in rebuilding similar pianos from the same period.

We use very little water or electricity, much of the work is done outdoors, just one bottle of French polish is used for up to fifteen pianos. The restoration process takes only a small amount of materials from the environment and helps sustain the continued use of those same raw materials. Recycling and restoration go hand in hand and we pride our business on actively maintaining conscious work practices that help us keep an eye on the environment.  

Buying an Instrument from Us
When a piano leaves our workshop, it is reborn. We revive the original sound, character, performance, and overall aesthetics of the instrument. No matter what the manufacturer, cheap or expensive, we do our utmost to bring it back to its best. Other piano companies sell trade in pianos 'as is' or 'sold as seen' with marks, scrapes, and internal issues. What makes us different is that when we get a trade in piano, we restore it, so even if you buy a piano from us for just a few hundred euro, it will look, feel, and sound as good as it can be for its age and condition, having been through a thorough overhaul, tuning and regulation process.

We import high quality Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway, Bechstein, Hailun, and Danemann pianos. Our new pianos come from Europe, Japan and China through our trusted UK supplier. They are quality checked, toned, tuned and regulated in the UK before being shipped to Ireland and displayed in our Lucan, Dublin showrooms.

Our Trading and Restoration Partners

Comeragh Pianos
We draw upon the experience of other professionals in the industry, most especially from master craftsman Tim Jackson of Comeragh Pianos. 
Tim has been involved in the piano business since he was sixteen years old and like his father before him, developed a keen interest in pianos that lead to a career as a tuner and technician. He started restoring and selling pianos from a workshop built at the back of his parents’ garage at their home in Wales. Tim trained at the Welsh College of Musical Instrument Making and Repair under the guidance  of Richard Kuhnel, where in 1987 he qualified as a Piano Tuner/Technician receiving a Distinction in Piano Restoration. Tim has over thirty years of experience working with pianos in schools, colleges, theatres, churches, cathedrals and private homes throughout Wales and more recently Ireland. His real passion and speciality lies in restoring traditional upright and grand pianos; his first complete restoration being a 1922 Steinway Grand. Since then he has restored hundreds of pianos of all shapes and sizes to their former glory.

O'Brien Pianos, Churchtown, Dublin
Cathal O'Briain learnt the basics in piano tuning, servicing, and French polishing under the guidance of Neil O'Brien, a retired Army Band Master, piano player, tuner and technician. Neil has over fifty years experience in piano tuning and rebuilding, having learnt his trade while serving in the Irish Army. Neil is now retired and enjoys building model airplanes and vintage mototbikes as a hobby. 

Supporting the Arts,
O'Briain Pianos & Art Gallery showcases original works of art from Irish and International artists. Resident artists are invited to display their work for up to one year and don't have to pay the gallery a commission. Our state of the art facilities offer quality music education, rehearsal space for hire, piano practice rooms and music lessons in almost every instrument by qualified teachers.