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Piano Restoration

Your piano is precious, sentimental and priceless. It provides you with positive memories of what once was. When your piano is fully restored, it is reborn to play, feel, look, and sound like itself once again The goal of restoration is to renew the character, tone, feel, presence, and overall aesthetics of the instrument.
Piano restoration ranges from the simple to the complex. We provide two types of restoration, basic and extensive. Basic restoration is done in the comfort of your home and takes 3 hours. Extensive restoration is done at our workshop and take 2 to 4 months.

The piano case is taken apart and internals/keys are lifted out. The shell is hoovered and the internals are pressure blasted free of dust outdoors. The mechanism which is known as the 'action' is lubricated, repaired, re-centred, and hammers are re-aligned and heads voiced if necessary. Screws are tightened, jack springs, felts, leathers, bushings, centre pins, hammer butt felt, and tapes are replaced where necessary. Capstan screws are regulated and any free play in the action is removed. Balance rail key pins are cleaned. Key tops and fronts are cleaned and buffed, brass trimmings are removed and cleaned along with brass screw tips. Pedals are regulated and their brass renewed. Outer case of piano is oiled, waxed, and scratches are touched up. Piano is then tuned and regulated. At the end of basic restoration your piano looks presentable and plays/feels good. 

Cost: €500 + VAT

Piano is removed from your premises and taken to workshop. Extensive restoration generally involves replacing the tuning pins and strings, re-gilding the frame, and possibly replacing the wrest plank too if necessary. Soundboards can split, bridges come adrift and also split and occassionally the cast iron frame cracks and needs repair. The case is stripped and resprayed many times in a high gloss, satin, matt, or silk finish. A full restoration is really only worthwhile on a top quality instrument. When your piano is fully restored it is delivered back to you.

Cost: €2,500 - €10,000 + VAT