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Silent Systems

Silent Piano
So you already have a piano but want it to be silent? In the morning, afternoon, evening, or night... From now on, play whenever you like!
We install silent systems in almost any contemporary acoustic piano. Price of €1,900 plus vat includes the silent system, headphones, and full installation for upright pianos. Grand pianos are €2,500 plus vat. Silent pianos have been developed to fit the gap between the purists’ need for an authentic playing experience and the practicality of having a digital piano.
Practice in Peace
What these pianos do is enable the player to enjoy the best of both worlds - keep the acoustic experience of playing a weighted 88 key piano, but also have the ability to switch off external sound. It's a revolutionary experience for those who want the feel of an acoustic piano but are worried about disturbing the family or neighbours. 

What is a Silent Piano?
A silent piano gives you the option of playing whenever you want without others hearing you. Modern acoustic pianos fitted with a Silent System offer many benefits:

You mute your piano and listen to what you are playing through headphones
The player is more creative when not being disturbed or heard by others
You set up different volume levels and timbres to be enjoyed in your headphones

What happens in Silent Mode?
In the silent mode, sensors pick up piano key movement and convert it into sound. Sounds are produced digitally by a console when in silent mode. The console stores real piano samples that are recorded professionally, so as you hit a key, a signal is sent to the console which calculates how to reproduce the sound, taking into account factors like string resonance, and subtle changes of sound that occur when the damper touches the strings. You can record, playback, enhance, and share your performance with others.

Ideal for Music Teachers, Schools and Institutions
Several students in the same room can practice at the same time without hearing each other

The piano teacher can plug in a second headphone and teach student without outside interference

What Happens Mechanically?
In all silent systems, engaging the silent function causes a bar to move into place that intercepts the hammer shank and stops the hammer from hitting the piano string. Key movement is detected by sensors, converting it to a MIDI signal that is sent to an electronic sound module, enabling the player to utilize headphones. 

Is a family member studying, or are your neighbours sleeping? From now on, just plug in your headphones and play at any volume desired. Home alone? Then simply play without the silent system. With a silent piano, you can play anytime you like.

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