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We buy and sell high quality pianos and are especially interested in working with pianos made by Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Bosendorfer, Baldwin, Richard Lipp, Chappell, Challen, Schiedmayer, Danemann, Henry F. Miller, Knabe, Mason & Risch, Sohmer, Bush & Lane, Estonia, McPhail, Haines Bros., Foster, Ivers & Pond, Atlas, Apollo, Silbermann, Kranich & Bach, Decker, Gibbons & Stone, Kurtzman, Schomacker, Biasus, Fischer, Heintzman, Bennet, Steiff, George Steck, Chickering, George Rogers, J.J. Hopkinson, Kawai, Grotian Steinweg, Ritmuller, Steingraeber, W. Hoffmann, Bentley, Sauter, Seiler, Haessler, Knabe, Schulze Pollmann, Albert Weber, W. Hoffmann, Stewart & Sons, Charles R. Walter, Bechstein, Fazoli, Bluthner and other fine piano makers.
Sell Piano for Cash 
This is for pianos valued between €500 and €2,000

O'Briain Pianos purchase and professionally remove quality pianos from private sellers who do not wish to sell the piano themselves. You may be able to obtain a higher price for your piano if you sell it privately, so bear this in mind before contacting us. We offer a fair market price based on valuation.

Please Whatsapp or email 20 images of the piano. 10 of the inside and 10 of the outside.

You can photograph the inside by lifting the top lid and removing the front panel which is held on by a catch on either side. Mind not to damage the piano when removing and putting back on the front panel.

If you see any names, model numbers, or serial numbers, please photograph them clearly. Let us know where you bought the piano and how much it cost. If you have the original purchase receipt please photograph and send also. If your piano has been tuned every year let us know, as pianos that are not tuned annually tend to suffer the most and have less value.

Please don't call us, Whatsapp to 0871497607, or email us at:
Sell Piano for 70% of Valuation
This is for pianos valued between €2,000 and €50,000

O'Briain Pianos professionally remove high quality pianos from private sellers and display them at our Lucan showrooms for potential buyers to purchase.

After an on-site valuation is carried out in your home or institution, your piano is taken to our workshop and fully refurbished by our restoration team to look and perform at its optimum best. Then it's transported to our Dublin showrooms, tuned and polished again, before being displayed where visiting customers and students in our music school can view and play it daily. You are not charged for transport, tuning, refurbishment, or advertising costs, we take care of everything, and deliver/tune for your buyer also. 
When the piano sells, you receive 70% of the valuation and we receive 30%.

The process of selling your piano can take months. For pianos priced above 10,000, it can take up to a year. If we cannot find a buyer within one year, your piano is returned to you.

Prior to us calling out to you to value on-site, please Whatsapp or email 20 images of the piano. 10 of the inside and 10 of the outside.

Please don't call us, Whatsapp to 0871497607, or email us at: