Broadwood (1810-1820)

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bromain1About John Broadwood
John Broadwood & Sons is the oldest and perhaps most prestigious piano company in the world. For centuries they have been played and enjoyed by such notorious composers and musicians as Haydn, Beethoven, Liszt and Chopin. They hold the Royal Warrant as the manufacturer of pianos to Queen Elizabeth. 

bromain21810-1820 original John Broadwood 8ft Boudoir Concert Grand piano with dark grained casing, iron frame, ornate music stand, candle slides, large wooden pedals, Harp Lyre, and turned sculptured legs with brass wheels. This is one of the oldest grand pianos in Ireland, a truly historic piece. We have replaced the felts, raised the pitch, and regulated the action. The original ivory keys are in excellent condition, flush and responsive. No cracks in the soundboard and playing very well. Some minor natural wear commensurate with age, but nothing major, no woodworm. A fine old piano by a top maker and ideal Grand piano to fill a large space.

Serial Number: 6147 (1810-1820)

Length: 8ft
Width: 133cm