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Hailun HG151 (Best Value Grand)

The new Hailun HG151 is perhaps the best looking and sounding Baby Grand currently on the market in terms of value, aesthetics, quality of tone, versatility, dynamics, and expression. 
It has a full, soft, rounded acoustic tone, with strong Tenor and potent rich Bass, similar sounding to a Steinway, and not overly bright and piercing like most other Baby Grands; sounding more like a full size grand on account of its shape, rim, and high quality components. The whole piano is acting as a soundboard, with power, presence, and grace when playing. The inner workings are like a jewelry box, and the piano is very thick skinned, chunky and heavy for its size, with three pedals, beautifully shaped wheels, and full size keyboard. The HG151 is a truly exceptional piano to last a lifetime. It's suitable for a player who wants to expend as little or as much energy as required in a particular piece, and without holding back.

Features: Sleek High Sheen Polyester Casing and brass fittings throughout, Overstrung, Full Cast Iron Frame, Weighted and Balanced Keys, Slow Fall Key Lid to Protect Fingers and Piano, Slow Fall Main Lid - Hand Assisted Closing Overhauled Internals, Regulated Action and Tuned to Concert Pitch. 

Piano is ideal for the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Player. Our price includes new adjustable matching German stool, five year extendable warranty (extended once tuned annually) and free delivery for customers residing in the Leinster Region. Tuning thereafter is 100 per year. Piano can be traded back in the future once kept in good condition and tuned annually.
Dimensions: Length: 151cm (Just under 5ft)