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Restored & Reconditioned 1986 Kimball Baby Grand Acoustic Overstrung Piano

At 4'8", this very compact Kimball is ideal for small spaces or apartment settings. It was handbuilt in Chicago in 1986 and has a rich acoustic tone and responsive medium touch. The internals are overhauled, hammers are voiced, action is regulated and piano is tuned to Concert Pitch. For its small size, the instrument has good volume and presence, largely due to the perfect soundboard and crown, and would be similar in volume to a large upright piano. 

The casing is in excellent condition and its colour is in two different tones, mahogany and rosewood. Some of the veneer on the legs had come away, so we have re-veneered the legs and French Polished them to a high standard, same with the pedal section. The locking system for the legs and pedals has also been restored to ensure greater stability and effective damping. The brass works are restored throughout and the keys are in superb shape, like new. Although this piano lacks the power and dynamics of a larger grand piano, it is nonetheless a very good instrument and is ideal for learning the grades on.

Comes with new adjustable matching stool, five year warranty (Leinster Only), free delivery, and is tuned on arrival