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Emil Ascherberg

8ft Emil Ascherberg Museum Art Case Concert Grand Piano






A beautiful example of a rare and highly collectible 1880 Emil Ascherberg period Concert grand piano. Few Ascherberg grand pianos exist, and in general there are only upright pianos available in the marketplace, making it a rare museum instrument and evolutionary example of German piano engineering.  The casing was restored recently, May 2018, stripped and French polished by hand in Ebony, with Gold Leaf decorative sculpture and carving throughout the large, imposing body. The brassworks and trimmings are refinished, original soundboard is clean, original strings are cleaned with four replacement strings in the treble. Tunings pins are tight, original pin block is in excellent condition, original reshaped hammers, original dampers, large detailed sculptured legs and front sides of case, ornate with detailed sculptured Lyre and pedals, no cracks in the casing, leveled keyboard and very good keys, ornate music stand and front lid. Here is a link to a similar Ascherberg for 20k: 


This beautiful Ascherberg is a rare museum piece and due to its great age it lacks the dynamics and versatility you find in a modern Concert Grand. It plays well for its age and has a nice soft tone, but is not suitable for a professional or advanced player. It's to be admired and played on occassion. By far one of the finest looking pianos we have ever worked on.

Queen_Emma_of_Hawaii,_photograph_by_Camille_SilvyQueen Emma of Hawai (January 2, 1836 April 25, 1885) owned and enjoyed playing an Emil Ascherberg and according to Queen Emma's biography, she purchased the Emil Ascherberg grand while in Europe in May 1866. The number on the piano at the Queen Emma Museum is 2061. There are photos of the piano at the following links:

http://s3-media3.ak.yelpcdn.com/bphoto/ ... eoig/l.jpg
http://oldhousehistory.com/files/2010/0 ... img_19.jpg

Here is an example of a Hand Painted Museum Grand by Emil Aswcherberg:
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